Salam Technology endeavors to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of services offered, by ensuring best practice for Information Technology Service Management across Project Management and IT Support Services.

One of our core services is the provision of IT Managed Services to the customer performed from our own premises or directly at client locations. The primary objective of this policy is to enforce the provision of standardized methods and procedures to meet the IT managed services and requirements supporting the organization as well as customer's operations.

In our continual effort to enhance value to our clients, we are constantly enriching the competence of our personnel and technology

  • Align the services to the customer's business objectives
  • Develop a proactive strategy and roadmap with customers
  • Measure the quality of service (SLA) and process performance
  • Manage all changes in processes and procedures
  • Initiate service improvements to address issues relating to
    • Efficiency: do it right the first time
    • Effectiveness: meet customer requirements
    • Economy: provide value for money
  • Ensure roles and responsibilities for the service management processes are defined and documented in a consistent manner, and personnel performance is measured against the achievement of those responsibilities.

In order to fulfil these objectives, and to provide the level of control and traceability necessary to demonstrate compliance with recognized processes, it is the policy of the organization to maintain an efficient and effective IT Service Management System based upon the requirements of the /SOI/EC 20000 IT Service Management Systems Standard.