Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

  • Artificial intelligence
  • The simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.
  • Digital Humans
  • Digital humans can see and listen to users to understand the meaning behind the words. They can then use their own tone of voice and body language to create lifelike human conversations.
  • Digital People have an amazing, patented Digital Brain which analyze and adapts in real time to situations similar to human interactions. As a result, Digital People are always ready to enhance customer brand experience.

Soul Machines™️ is the world leader in humanizing AI to create astonishing Digital People. Our Digital People have an amazing, patented Digital Brain which contextualizes and adapts in real time to situations similar to human interactions. As a result, our Digital People are always ready to enhance customer brand experience.

Soul Machines™️, a company that is putting a face on artificial intelligence (AI) by creating virtual humans who can learn and react in real-time. These life-like, emotionally responsive digital humans have personality and character and can literally talk face-to-face and respond to vocal and facial expressions. They have a digital brain that triggers their facial expressions and responses so if a person shows frustration, they read their emotional state and react with empathy.

To create a more humanized, accessible and contextual user experience, a 5G connection is critical to provide the high speed and low latency required to process the data so that the AI assistant can interpret emotions and respond with almost no delay. Think of the millions of different data points humans take in during the course of a conversation – tone, verbal cues, non-verbal cues, etc. Identifying, processing and reacting to each of these stimuli is a complex process. Our brain does this naturally and in a matter of milliseconds. For a virtual person to do this, it requires that same processing bandwidth and speed. Enter 5G.

Soul Machines™️ can make realistic interactive creatures, cartoon characters or digital assistants based on real people. Lia, the digital human the company showed off at the Verizon 5G lab, is based on New Zealand actress, Shushila Takao.
The technology is currently used in the banking and auto industries and the idea is to create digital humans used in industries ranging from retail to entertainment to healthcare. The future may hold virtual versions of your favorite celebrities who can chat with you online and digital healthcare professionals who can diagnose your ailments. Hold on to your hats, 5G is about to make these experiences a reality.

Through its DIS division,
Salam Technology confidently offers:

Audiovisual Solutions
Digital Signage
Control Room Solutions
Physical Security
Technical Fit-out Solutions

Salam Technology’s Digital Infrastructure division

 deftly designs, supplies, installs and supports multiple solutions including those listed below.

When it comes to control room solutions a promise we can confidently make is “If you give us the shell, we will produce the ‘wow’ effect for you.” As one of Qatar’s top technology Integrators we specialise in providing integrated mission critical Control Room Systems and develop solutions around it. These solutions begin from the very aesthetics of Space Planning, Visualisations, Technical Furniture, Human and Machine Interfaces to Internal Networking, Acoustics, Lighting and Ergonomic Designs for operational functionality of the system, in order to optimize control rooms for 24 x 7 performance. Our control room solutions cover –

  • Conceptual Drawings/Rendering
  • Operational Requirements
  • Functional Analysis
  • Contingency and Growth Planning
  • Operator Furniture & Traffic Flow Patterns
  • Health, Safety & Performance
  • Security Requirements

Salam Technology’s talented professionals design, install, and implement a signage systems for organizations that need turnkey digital signage solutions. As innovative integrators we bring together all the components of a digital sign system, i.e. digital screens, content design, software players, hardware players, content management software, and creatively combine them into a digital network. Our systems are user friendly, as we build them with possibilities for real-time input making signage messaging instant and interactive. Our signage systems are heavily utilized for –

  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Facility mapping
  • Event display
  • Promotions & Sales
  • Schedules &Safety alerts
  • Welcome messaging
  • Weather forecasting

As audio visual integration professionals, Salam Technology covers all aspects of a project from receipt of the initial client brief, to designing and installing the system, through to training and ongoing maintenance support. Our specialists are exceedingly capable of providing individually tailored options for Board Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Conference Halls, Classrooms.

Our Expertise covers:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Interactive Classrooms
  • Audio Visual Services
  • Sound Systems.
  • Lighting Solutions.

The pace of growth of business landscapes and expansions particularly of urban environments has resulted in a rising need for security solutions. Salam Technology’s talent team of security specialists design custom built systems that take precise client requirements into account, judiciously uniting them with versatile forms of technology to create high performance, precision based security systems. Among our security solutions are:

  • Access/Sensors Control Systems
  • CCTV solutions
  • Car Park Management Systems.
  • Sound Systems.
  • Lighting Solutions.
  • Interactive collaboration Services.

Strategic Projects Department

Salam Technology is the result of an astute merger between Omnix Qatar and Salam Technical Services, two companies with distinct technology driven competencies, which operated under the SIIL umbrella. The merger came about due to an accurate assessment of the changes in the market dynamics in Qatar, which pointed towards the need for larger professional entities that could stand on a par with regional players. The merger brought together top experiences in sales and services creating a synergistic powerhouse, giving Salam Technology, the new entity, a sustainable competitive advantage within the industry. The combined strengths of two high-profile businesses helped Salam Technology adopt a differentiated approach to business and clients, providing it with a key strategic tool to stand out in today’s world of changing customer demands and rapidly-evolving technology.

Salam Technology’s roots have given the company a unique blend of over 30 years of cumulative experience and accomplishments in broadcast, IT, audiovisual, security, office automation and telecommunications.

Salam Technology has a dynamic team with the strong background in management.


Salam Technology believes in leveraging the best and most appropriate technologies, integrating them with the power of original design and development to build advanced, customized solutions that serve precise, client needs.

Our Solutions


Security is no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Surveillance systems have evolved from being just a deterrent to crime and providing visual evidence, to something intelligent.


Our control room portfolio consists of video wall, networked visualization and operator workspace solutions, combined with professional services.

AudioVisual Solutions

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Artificial intelligence, the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.


Managed Services and Resources (MSR) department specializes in Staff Augmentation and Professional Outsourcing solutions.


Salam Technology’s ICT combines the harmonious collaboration of IT along with communication devices or applications - encompassing radio, television, 

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