As part of Salam Technology’s new strategy for maintaining the best performance possible, professional services is an area the company has given special attention to. The professional services support we offer take three distinct forms; Service Delivery, Technical Support and Maintenance Contracts.

Service Delivery:

The multi-vendor after-sales support services offered by Salam Technology ensures high-availability and quick problem solving for clients. Salam Technology’s Life Cycle Services help maintain availability, reduce the total cost of ownership and gain a higher return on investments on our client’s IT infrastructure

Technical Support:

Salam Technology’s technical support offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Day-to-day operation and management of the entire IT infrastructure
  • Management of end-user problems escalated from customer care function
  • Management of additions and changes to systems, applications and services in the infrastructure
  • Maintenance of the infrastructure performance as per the agreed quality levels
  • Corrective and preventive field maintenance
  • Help desk and Incident management
  • Proactive support
  • Fault-handling processes
  • First Line Fault Diagnostics and Solving
  • Escalations
  • Performance Reporting
  • Spare Part Management (inventory management/asset management)
  • Vendor Management (This service is controlled by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with necessary KPI’s for monitoring and improvement)

Maintenance Contracts

Salam Technology maintains qualified Engineers (appropriately trained, by principals), necessary spare parts, testing equipment, measuring devices, technical and professional services to deliver preventive and corrective maintenance services to its customers.

The Service Desk

Salam Technology provides a 24/7, service desk solution which will be on call to provide real time support for all incidents being reported, logging, tracking, telephone support, assignment and closure of all incidents.

Corrective Maintenance - Corrective maintenance is intended to provide timely repair or replacement, adjustment and commissioning of any reported, failed components of the solution. Small repairs are carried out on-site, with minimal disturbance, but all major works and detailed diagnostics will be carried out off-site.

Preventive maintenance - Salam Technology’s preventive maintenance services are designed to serve the purpose of reducing product failure and/or extend the usefulness of the equipment. The maintenance is performed according to the procedures and frequencies recommended by manufacturers. Preventive maintenance will be performed on visits by trained personnel at such times and intervals that would satisfy the customer’s needs at the site. Time and work schedules with Preventive Maintenance checklists will be provided, along with service delivery plans.

Operation Readiness - Salam Technology offers Operation Readiness to secures our client’s in-house ability to operate an environment in order to assure infrastructure stability and optimal performance, a faster RO and an efficient operational organization. The service includes -

  • Design and establishment of operational organization and processes
  • Implementation of operational organization, processes and staffing
  • Enablement of customer’s staff through structured knowledge transfer before end of contract
  • IS/IT and operational tools support and recommendations