Synergized solutions that meet highly specific client needs

Salam Technology’s DIS division supports use and connections between content, data, hardware and software, coming up with synergized solutions that meet highly specific, client needs. From sophisticated and complex to simple and straightforward the Digital infrastructure we build includes data, software and the required mechanisms that enable them to work together seamlessly resulting in solutions that can be shared, managed and combined, creating space for collaborations.

Through the DIS solutions we build, our goal is to empower users. We provide solutions based on unique and innovative technology, utilizing a highly trained team of technical experts and knowledgeable Sales representatives. We are also able to bring quality product solutions that make us one of the leaders in our industry in Qatar. Our commitment is to provide a guaranteed outcome while exceeding expectations in functionality, performance and value.

Through its DIS division, Salam Technology confidently offers:

  • Audiovisual Solutions

  • Digital Signage

  • Control Room Solutions

  • Physical Security

  • Technical Fit-out Solutions

Salam Technology’s Digital Infrastructure division deftly designs, supplies, installs and supports multiple solutions including those listed below.

Digital Infrastructure Systems Photo