Salam Technology has been awarded on many an occasion by our partners and clients. While we are honored by every accolade we have received, and we display a few of them here with joy, what makes us proudest is the compliments and commendations we receive from our clients. Though you might not see those compliments and thank you notes displayed here, you can trust us, we receive many.

Evans Award

Photo Evans Awards Salam Technology Top Performing International Partner for 2012

Cannon Middle East Awards for 2012

Photo Canon Middle East Awards

Salam Technology Wins the Cannon Middle East Awards for 2012 Who said working hard doesn’t help in achieving excellence? Today, Salam Technology proved itself in being a leader in its field by winning the Canon Middle East Awards for 2012.

Salam Technology received 2 performance Awards for:

  • Professional Print (in recognition for outstanding sales)
  • Office Color (in recognition for increasing MASH through strong market coverage)

A very big congratulation and thanks for the Office Automation Solutions division for their hard work and efforts.